10 Beautiful Postcards

Its Tuesday somewhere in the world! Since it has been two weeks please share your thoughts and feelings about 10 Beautiful Postcards.

In order to allow for a thorough discussion of 10 Beautiful Postcards this thread will contain spoilers for any and all portions of the game.

In a few days I’m gonna put up another thread about the next game for videogame book club. I’ll be asking how people feel about the format. So if you would like the club to be run differently, think on changes you would like.

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I have not finished and am about to start more after I write this post. So far the game is delightful!

For now the most surprising element was the regular shift in perspective/character controls. It brought to mind Frog Fractions and the frequent changes in that game.

I haven’t played any other games by thecatamites. Do their other games have similar tone or themes? Or are they similarly surprising?

I was so surprised when it popped into 3D the first time!

I’ve got big time Anodyne 2 brain because it just came out, but something they (Ano2 devs) talk about is how ‘heterogeneous’ their game is. Most games are so samey, lots of ‘core’ gameplay with slight changes on the theme or w/e. It’s super refreshing to play something like this where it’s just like … a big pile of weird stuff and it’s not afraid to become something completely different all of a sudden.

I’m only a short bit into it but I’ve laughed a bunch. I think the writing is great although sometimes feels a little too off-the-cuff or something? I kind of don’t love a lot of the art, feels like just random colors that don’t work together for me. Coupled with the abrasive music it’s a little barfy. But there’s so much variety that sometimes stuff clicks and ends up looking great, like especially maps where it’s super sparse line work I think.

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I feel like I risk overly determining the discussion if I hop in early since I contributed some of the art/writing, and also wrote a blog about it, which includes my thematic interpretations, but I don’t want to forward it as a “canonical” interpretation, because there is obviously a ton of ways to take it!

I like thecatamites’ games because they give me the same feeling of like, unpredictability and abundance that the weird PC CDROM games I played when I was a kid gave me. That a ton of mysterious and appealing things could just emerge indefinitely from the computer. Goblet Grotto and 50 Short Games are my other favorites


I definitely felt that PC CDrom callback when i played the game as well, i had intense flashbacks of the demo CDs of point and click games i played as a kid, pajamasam and marine malice and whatever that one with a car was. They share the same cacophony of onscreen elements in each tableau, but i think also the untethered-ness of the whole thing: the demos i played were from cereal boxes and i didn’t have a notion, at the time, of the difference between a cereal box demo and a full product, so i viewed these experiences as truncated non-sequitur games, and the uhh “structural chaos” of 10 beautiful postcards gave me the same kind of vertigo?

Also, 10 beautiful postcards is (in part) about the absurdity of capitalism and the way its agents uphold the mirage of a rationale behind it (half the characters in the game are very intent on explaining to Pesky that It Makes Sense, just hear this out, witness this clever scheme!!) in a way that only works as long as everyone is too busy/overwhelmed/poisoned to stop and think about it, and i think CDs in cereal boxes are kind of like that also. Like whose idea was it to put CDroms in cereal boxes honestly?? Sometime in the past someone came to an exec with the brilliant idea to strike a deal for the promotion of their videogame with fucking kellogg’s and apparently noone stopped to ask what the hell was going on.

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Also i wanna say the way that the dialogue works in that game (by duplicating characters / extending the scene-time over the screen-space (??), and giving them different speech bubbles that just appear on contact, like some kind of hyperlink fresco) is SO clever

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