Epic Megagrant Support Group

Hey, so I applied for the Epic grant back in late March, didn’t know what to expect but really struggling with the wait.

I got one email back in late june, which said they needed more time to look over things and not much else.

Shortly after I saw stuff from people who got rejected and then more recently some few got accepted. Like Blender! Yay!

Anyone else apply? I hear almost no news and there seems to be no information at all about what is going on or how many months more I have to wait to hear back.

Just hard to plan life waiting for change to happen and not knowing when or if.


This was the first I’ve heard of the Epic Megagrant. I took a look at the application page and was really impressed. It seems like they are supporting a pretty wide variety of projects. What category did you apply under if you don’t mind me asking?

Putting your life on hold for an unknown does sound really difficult, but good luck! I hope you get the grant!

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It’s in the game category. I was pretty lucky in the timing. I had a nearly functional tech demo ready when they anounced the new grant. I think how early I got in should help.

The game is called Remote Orbit. I’ve been meaning to post about it in one of the other threads here.

Thanks, I think I wouldn’t mind the wait if I was more certain. Never really know how well something will be received.

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I suppose I should update this: I got it!


I’d be happy to talk to people about how things went if they are considering apply as well.


Wow congratulations!! That’s so great!


Thanks Badru! It’s been a really exciting experience.

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