Equaboreal 12.21 discussion *spoilers*

Haven’t played it yet but planning to later today, thought I’d throw the thread up in case anyone wants to drop thoughts!

i liked how quickly a world was able to be set up here and how full and detailed it was from the get go… i want to know more about the spirits in the woods! the way a bunch of loose ends are left hanging is nice to me, a trash fire who adores loose ends… i like the hinting at more environmental change that comes after the intro (thinking about how it hasn’t snowed here in a while, the snowflakes in the water shop). thats most of my thoughts i think

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I bought and played it. It was nice.

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Well that was very short!! I liked the world concept a lot, but I think I wish more happened within the story. It was a cute and brief solstice thing though, and I like the idea of pouring light.

I really loved her previous game Even in Arcadia, and I was a little disappointed comparing the two. EiA had a full collage look to it, and I didn’t think the lit 3D parts of Equaboreal were nearly as successful as the collagey parts. Equaboreal’s technical stuff was a little clunky too, just the way it felt to move around the ring of town was jerky and a little nauseating. The writing was nice, I think the part that holds up the best, but I think EiA’s characters and world felt so much more developed. It’s definitely not a fair comparison to make because EiA was a much larger project, but my brain is making the comparison anyway, sorry!

Anyway I guess I don’t have as much to say about it as I might like. It was cute and sweet and interesting, but I had unreasonably high expectations going in that weren’t satisfied!