How to live in a capitalist society and plan your future

My day job recently began a 401K program that I’m only now looking over. At the same time I’m looking for a credit card to build my credit history. The prospect of giving a bunch of money to huge capitalist corporations for decades feels immoral.

Banks just flatly horde money, penalize poorer people and reward rich people, and lobby against protections for the public. Then the whole point of good credit is to hopefully one day promise a bank exorbitant amounts of money for a house or car. With investment portfolios your money goes to a random bunch of huge companies that engage in a mix of chaotic, neutral, and true evil behavior.

Is there a method of planning for your future in a capitalist society that doesn’t support these awful companies?

Credit unions are run way better that any bank. Ive been with becu for nearly a decade. Highly recommend it. I got a car loan at a good rate and also credit card through them and never once gotten a processing fee or bogus charge.

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That’s I good idea! I should look for a credit card through them.

I wonder if there even is a way to invest money that is social responsible.

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I’ve got a BECU credit card, just to ‘build credit’ for the imaginary future where I can afford to buy an apartment. It’s nice and easy. They up my limit automatically and I just transfer money online to pay it off.

I recently (like a couple years ago) pulled investments out of Vanguard after finding out that they were the most significant financial investor in GEO Group, a for-profit prison company which also runs our concentration camps. Vanguard is one of the most commonly recommended investment options, and one of the largest, and yeah I think a lot of American wealth is held up in these portfolios for passive growth that are just funding the most horrific things you can think of.

I am maybe just not fully radicalized yet but I think investing can be socially responsible, if it’s in socially responsible companies. I’m sure there are groups that manage those sorts of portfolios but I haven’t looked into it yet. Maybe I will, and get back to this. Either way, curious to know.

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