I have an idea for a game, but no skills to create it

Hi there!

I’ve got an idea for a game that I’d like to pitch to people who could possibly make it. I have no skills in making a game, but have what I think is a good idea for one. The artists and music of Viridi inspired me the most, and so it would be a blast to pitch the idea to them and see where it could go. But I don’t know how to do any of this, even starting with a solid pitch or how to reach out to these people. It’s just a thought right now.

Ideas on where to start, who to talk to, etc. etc.? Any help is appreciated, because video game design is not something I can do.


I can provide you with the resources you need in order for you to make the game yourself.
What genre of game would you say your idea is?


Tell us about it!

But heads up - we’re all busy with our own things, and (as 1/4 of the Viridi team) I’m definitely going to encourage you to try making it yourself!

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I’d absolutely love that! But I have absolutely no experience in anything that is involved in video game making, I just play them. My computer is old and in rough condition without any money for something new. So I don’t think it’s something I could do right.

It would be a home/room design game with a focus on a calming atmosphere. I’ll elaborate below.

First of all, amazing work in Viridi. I absolutely love it!

I really don’t think I could take on something in like this. I barely know how to use an iPhone. But if somehow it’s magically easier than I think with 0 experience and 0 money, I’d totally love to learn more.

I absolutely loved the feel of Viridi. The music and art style are gorgeous and so calming. I love things like home design games and cozy rooms in Pinterest. So I thought what about a really calm, chill room design game. People could make a cozy room to kind of design, something that people can feel calm and relaxed doing.

It was actually while playing your game the idea came to me when I was working in my pot in the Apartment. Thats the reason I think you all could pull it off. Your music and art style just really is what I want to replicate, so who better than the people who did it.

I can picture it so clearly but I honestly don’t think I could do this, and if I did it would take years and I’d never do it justice. If anyone is interested I’d love to just be an idea person.

That’s a sweet idea! I know Zoe loves making little room arrangements, which is part of what led to the Apartment getting made.

We were self-taught with no experience or money not long before we put Viridi out, so it might not be as impossible as you think! But it is very hard, and it will likely take a long time to make your first thing, and if you’re anything like me you’ll never feel like you’ve done your ideas justice. But you get better anyway, and somehow other people will love your work even if you can’t understand why. And then it feels good to have done a hard thing, and to know that other people are benefiting from it. The meaning of life, or something like that.

You will of course have a harder time if your computer is in rougher shape. But it’d be worth looking at game engines and other software and seeing whether you can in fact run them. I recommend trying out Blender and Unity, and finding and following along with one of the many tutorials out there on youtube or elsewhere.


It sounds like your computer is a technical limitation. Can you give me a description of your computer. What model it is or how much RAM it has? Also what operation system it uses?

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me!

I appreciate you cheering me on into game design. Is it actually feasible to say I can make this idea into a game entirely from scratch with no knowledge of anything within 5 years? I know you guys seem to think I can do it, but I honestly don’t know what to expect or where to start. Is this something I’d have to to go to school for, or something I can just sit down and learn on my own?

I honestly don’t know what any of this means, but this i what I found on the About section on my computer. :confused:
Processor is an AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.80GHz. I have 4GB installed RAM, with 3.21 usable. I’m running windows 10 Pro. I have no idea about it other than this. My husband picked parts and my friend built it, years ago. I have no funds to upgrade at all.

Lost cause? Starting point?

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I’m fairly certain that you could run the free game-making engine Unity on that computer. There are ways to adjust the settings for lower-end specifications like yours.
I like using Unity personally and there are a lot of tutorials available for it. I often end up in situations where some little problems becomes a big one, but overall I enjoy the process of trying to make one thing and ending up with another.

What are some specific things a player would do in your game?
Choose wallpaper?
Place lights?
Walk around the room?

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The time it takes to make a game can vary pretty widely. It mostly depends on how ambitious of a game you would like to make. LIke badru said it will be hard but I think it is absolute something you can achieve with persistence.

If you are interested in advice I would recommend downloading the Unity game engine and open it up. After that its a question of how you like to learn something new?

If you prefer looking through a detailed manual there is this: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UnityOverview.html

Unity has tutorials: https://learn.unity.com/courses
(It looks like they are offering Premium for free for a little bit cause of the virus)

If you prefer just a simple video to follow along you can go to YouTube and search for something like “unity engine beginner”, “unity engine tutorial”, etc. (Annoyingly you do usually have to specify Unity Engine because if you just type Unity you’ll likely get results for 2014’s Assassin Creed: Unity :roll_eyes:)

It can feel a little slow to follow videos or read manuals, but I found them useful for giving me words I needed to describe the problems I was having. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and learning the words to describe my problems helped me search for specific answers. Using google to search for specific answers to my questions is very common and very helpful.

Some people do go to school for games, but many people come to make games after studying other disciplines, film and history are a couple off the top of my head. I think games are much richer for those people.

Okay, I’m glad there’s no real technical limitations then! That gives me a little more hope I could pull it off. I am sort of excited to see how it will turn out with what I’ll be able to do.

Some things I know so far: Third person, with the room sort of “floating” in a loose space, but the room can be turned and zoomed in. So, like a 3D model that the user can manipulate a bit to view. Players will not walk around in 1st person. There would be multiple room designs that players could eventually get. I know, also, that I want the ambiance (lighting/coloration, and music) to change (think: rainy, sunny, nighttime, etc.). Wallpapers will be chosen by players, and lights can be placed by them (thanks for making me think of this). Furniture, and other small objects can be placed just about anywhere on a grid and rotated. I’d love to have a large inventory available to players, so lots of objects. I know it’ll be a lot of work the more I add, but I can picture it so clearly. I also have to think about art design. I am an artist and have some digital art background, so I think I could do it if I knew the programs I needed to create them. Music… ??? I suppose I can find music I can purchase, talk to musicians. But something calm, chill. Maybe give the option of a few musical/ambient sounds.

I know all of those things add a lot of layers to the game which in turn makes it more difficult to create. But I am working on just fleshing out all the ideas I can for this so I have a more clear vision on what will need to be done.

Thanks for this! I did end up downloading Unity before you replied and was super pumped to find out about the free premium courses. I’m kind of taking it as a sign that I have no excuse not to at least try.

I did have a friend recommend Unreal engine. I know nothing of that, either. I do know that I’d like to make this available for PC and phones someday. I don’t know if Unity or Unreal is the best option. I figure I’ll start with Unity while the courses are free, though.

@clyde @badru @hightea Thanks a lot, you guys. I knew this was the right place to come, I just didn’t think the answer would be to make the game myself. But now I have some new hobby and a goal to shoot for.


Yay I’m glad!! The game idea sounds really strong and super cute!!

One thing that might help at the get-go is to go into the Unity editor and change a setting.
Edit>Project Settings>Quality> and then click on the “Fastest” row.

You may also want to consider using the integrated Pro Builder tool for Unity. Blender is probably a lot more stable and flexible, but for me being able to do the 3d modeling in the engine just simplifies things. I don’t do much complex modeling though. I do small, fun, short projects that have no commercial ambitions. Here is a video that gives you an idea of using Pro Builder.

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