Ongoing Viridi development?

Is Viridi considered ‘finished’, as games go, with no mechanics updates planned? Because while it’s a brilliant little work of art, there’s some things I’d love to see in it.

In order of (probably) increasing complexity:

  • Ability to remove a flower stalk. In particular, Sempervivum have striking foliage but the flowers really aren’t to my taste. They’re prolific little simulated plants, flowering more than once a season, and so I find myself tapping my foot and waiting for them to get the ‘periscope’ phase over with. I’m sure I’m not the only player with this kind of aesthetic objection to one or more of the flowers.

  • A single inventory slot, so that you can swap the location of two plants (assuming there’s space for each at the destination) without having to shuffle everything else at the same time.

  • The ability to move plants among pots, because sometimes you realize that the plant you’re looking at would go much better in a different arrangement that you’re growing. Tossing it into the garden just because it doesn’t work in the first place you put it feels like a waste.

  • Tiny little ocotillo–the young ones are about the size of an aloe. Pretty please?

  • Collisions among plants, so that designs where something is, say, very close to an aloe or agave don’t result in the plants clipping through one another as they grow.

  • A growth and branching algorithm, so that plants like the Pachyphytum oviferum that spread and form stands unless pruned can do more than just scale up as they grow, and will come to look different from one another over time. …For that matter, I’ve seen succulents with the ‘hen and chicks’ growth pattern become so large that they spill over the sides of their pot, and that’s also a good look.

I’ll end my wishlist with a question: If you keep a live agave in your pot for 10-15 years, will it flower? (And die, and give you a bundle of seedlings to replace it with?) :)

Wait, it just occurred to me that if that was an actual easter egg, it would defeat the purpose for you to tell me whether or not it exists. Never mind? I think?

If you read all that, well, thank you for your time. ^_^;

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Hi!! Thanks for playing our game and liking it and being so nice and thoughtful!

We haven’t seriously considered updating Viridi for many years now and we’re all off doing other things or getting excited about new projects. I think the next game I work on will be co-directed by @david-zoe (of Viridi) and will involve growing plants though… I think…

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