Staying focused


On occasion I get sore or I start to get distracted from my work (usually happens at the same time). To refocus and relax I go through my pre-run stretch routine. That usually helps for a little bit.

What are the tricks you use to focus when you find yourself drifting away from a task?



Stretching is honestly great. I also find that (esp since my days are mostly so sedentary) doing a few push-ups gives me a rush of some chemical cocktail that helps both with my mood and my focus. Also, getting up and getting some very very cold ice water is like, perfect for me.

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i’m comically bad at staying focused but i’ve found what does help for me is getting into a rhythm - pomodoro never did it because it’s too easy to just ignore it (also fuck this workplace guru type productivity brainwash), but what works for me is drinking/making tea. like, i’ll run out of a teapot and want to make a new one, but want to finish what i’m doing before i do, so i enter this cyclic rotation of focus spikes followed by teapot refill breaks (also toilet breaks lol).
it also sometimes prevents me from digging myself into a hole too deep, which definitely happens as well.
i drink an unhealthy amount of tea tho, this isn’t a reliable technique as much as it is me instrumentalizing my own compulsions. idk how that could apply to other folks haha.