Tenderfoot tactics hype zone

i’m so incredibly excited for the full release y’all

let’s go lesbians (a party of 4 spellswords and a battlemage (for healing lmao) is absolutely ridiculous)

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Omg amazing… what skills on the spellswords?

they’re like… level 4 (+ dragon’s level 1 bc they’re the baby in the party) so most of them have all skils with two levels in either breaker or sandblast… i have one with breaker 2 and nightmare which is terrifying. i understand why all the enemies aggressively attack spellswords now

i love the bedlam sound effect btw…

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Might be a surprise that it wasn’t already but we just announced that Tenderfoot’s gonna be coming out through IWG after all!


Went through a long process of taking it off the label entirely and talking pretty extensively with publishers before deciding to bring it back to IWG. Feeling empowered and exciting to be self-publishing and building the label rather than building some publisher’s brand. Here’s hoping we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot having to market it ourselves :skull:

im so excited for y’all, good luck!! iwg is such a cool team, and im happy to see the label grow in new directions :"^)

i’ve stopped playing the demo because it’s frying my graphics processor :skull: but hopefully when the full game comes out i’ll be back at it, and it looks like it’s very different anyway!

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oh no! I’ll make sure the next version you play fries it a little less!

I’m stoked to be bringing more lowbrow fantasy lore bullshit to the label >:)

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(downloaded the first demo)

image image

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damn… so handsome… and a cool hat