Videogame book club

Hey everyone,

I’d like to try running a video game book club for everyone here on the IWG forum. To start I’m gonna play “10 Beautiful Postcards.”

You can find “10 Beautiful Postcards” on itchio.

And you can find out more about the creators on the game’s website.

Then in two weeks I’d love to discuss the game with whoever else has also played 10 Beautiful Postcards!

For the next game, depending on peoples’ interest, I would love to select the next game as a group.


ohh man!!! the craziest thing to me about this game is that it’s a new thecatamites release that i somehow didn’t immediately download. so this is honestly a really good chance to dive into it. Im remembering having written about this guy’s games back in high school for an art history class haha, i wonder if i can dig that up just to see how fanatic i was at the time. im super down to discuss basically anything by thecatamites so count me in


Should we wait two weeks to start discussing? Or can we present our impressions as they occur and discuss them?
I do have a preference, but I just joined so I want to follow the crowd a bit.


For this first game I’d like to wait two weeks to discuss 10 beautiful postcards. Since the club is just starting I wouldn’t want to have someone stumble on discussion when they are just looking for the name of the game. For the next game we can make separate threads so people can jump into discussion right away!

Also I really appreciate you being considerate and asking about the way things flow here!


yesss I am extremely in

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oops you spelled it ‘video game’ not ‘videogame’ - luckily im an admin so i just went and fixed it for you nw


Took me a while to boot it up but this game is absolutely wild??? I know it’s not discussion time yet but, yeah, Cool Videogame.