What websites are good


whats a good website to go onto to look at things that don’t make you slowly lose your mind?? remember when websites were good? are there still those??

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i’m only familiar with a few of the sites on it but the low tech webring is explicitly for handmade basic html sites and it’s… really good… https://emreed.net/LowTech_Directory.html
i definitely recommend the writings of Emilie (she’s the one handling the webring https://emreed.net/)

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ahhhh this is such a good rec!!!

Also I love Em’s writing. She wrote my favorite piece ever about Eidolon, and then I excitedly reached out to her saying how much I loved it, and she was like “I don’t care, it’s not for you” and I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR HER! She is probably not someone who wants press keys but she’ll be getting them from IWG until she specifically tells us to stop lol.

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