What websites are good

whats a good website to go onto to look at things that don’t make you slowly lose your mind?? remember when websites were good? are there still those??

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i’m only familiar with a few of the sites on it but the low tech webring is explicitly for handmade basic html sites and it’s… really good… https://emreed.net/LowTech_Directory.html
i definitely recommend the writings of Emilie (she’s the one handling the webring https://emreed.net/)

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ahhhh this is such a good rec!!!

Also I love Em’s writing. She wrote my favorite piece ever about Eidolon, and then I excitedly reached out to her saying how much I loved it, and she was like “I don’t care, it’s not for you” and I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR HER! She is probably not someone who wants press keys but she’ll be getting them from IWG until she specifically tells us to stop lol.

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Feel like a lot of good stuff is out there still, its just harder to find.

Used to be I just knew about all the good webcomics and flashgames. Most of which still exist, I’m just not going there anymore. New content doesn’t reach me the same way now.

Also I have no free time, which is a big factor.

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then I excitedly reached out to her saying how much I loved it, and she was like “I don’t care, it’s not for you”

DID I SAY THAT!!! hahaha oh god I apologize for my overly spiky younger self… I HOPE i’ve chilled out a bit by now. It is very heartening to see some Low Tech Webring love and I am planning to add a new batch of sites in early August so get your sites in now if you have them :> the general guidelines are if your site primarily uses basic HTML and doesn’t have any tracking or similar on it, it fits


hahahaha don’t apologize, it was very endearing.

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I wonder if this might be the wrong question. Bear with me here:

Take this site. It’s built off interesting games, but if I wasn’t local to Seattle, like the developers, I might not have known of it. And also I also feel a greater connection to it for that.

It’s also about small, calm, games with interesting art, which is my thing.

and the forums give a nice way to communicate with a small group of friendly, welcoming people with common interests.

These are all things which would draw me to a website. Not all but some.

So the question should be what are we looking for in websites that we can’t find now and what can we do to find or bring those traits back?

Or maybe this is way off? idk. thoughts?


Ok sure! I’m into it. So what are we looking for that we can’t find anymore?

I’m optimistic about the idea of building a more genuine community in a forum like this. It’d be nice to have a smaller and more consistent group of faces and names than on twitter or wherever.

I think I also miss websites as feeds of interesting outsider art, like you were talking about with webcomics and flash game portals. Maybe it’d be nice to try to make this a kind of recommendation hub, too?

Likely we’re all looking for different things.

I suppose you could say I have nastagia for when I had free time enough to seek out and explore niche internet commutes.

Once while researching jawas I found this internet community of model builders making their version of the Sandcrawler. I think I found that the original model used in the movie was owned by a private collector and I was bummed that I couldn’t find many good pictures of it.

I did in the process find a pretty extensive lore and history of Jawas which came with a lot of orginal concept art by Ralph Mcquarrie. Still one of my favorite artists.

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