Whatcha workin' on?

Thought it’d be nice to have a thread where you can just post whatever you’re working on right now in whatever craft.

I’ll start with some waves I added to the water shader in Tenderfoot Tactics today!


I’m just doing some hobbyist gardening. My zz plant is doing well, and everything else is not doing well at all.

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currently working on revamping my portfolio+personal site because it was a gross Wix shitfest with no guidelines / direction hehe


@badru That is really soft, I love the smoothness of the background


@tymus thank you!! I’m really happy with how it’s turned out for now :blush:

I want to actually contribute to this thread with non-game things… I spend way too much of my time at the computer. But anyway, self-shaming aside, here’s a boat I’ve been working on!

It gets a sail and goes faster if you have a weatherworker in your party.


im doing vegetation for a game and im very excited about it (it’s a 3D first person type deal, these are research boards where i tried to pin down different forest profiles / “biomes”)


I’ve been working on some zines. This was the first printing of my only distributed zine so far - just a test run, so no politics or big opinions, just some art and poetry with my name on it - but I’ve made more that I might print!