Where does Gen Z get their comedy?


I am aware as I write this that I’m being an old man. Where do Gen Z people find their comedy?

I was watching the Shia Labeouf youtube video and I realized that I’ve pretty much only gotten my comedy through youtube. Also maybe that is a very millennial thing???

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get on tiktok gramps



this sounds like a shitpost but i actually think vine & tiktok are the height of contemporary comedy in a way nothing else comes remotely close to?? maybe partly because they’re “democratic” platforms that also require too much involvement too get swamped by lazy memes (as opposed to text/image based platforms)

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+100 to what pol said about tiktok. Also weird Twitter is a really big comedy platform for Gen Z folks. A lot of folks also consume comedy through graphic novels + online comic creators (thinking specifically of short comics folks on Instagram).