Where does Gen Z get their comedy?

I am aware as I write this that I’m being an old man. Where do Gen Z people find their comedy?

I was watching the Shia Labeouf youtube video and I realized that I’ve pretty much only gotten my comedy through youtube. Also maybe that is a very millennial thing???

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get on tiktok gramps


this sounds like a shitpost but i actually think vine & tiktok are the height of contemporary comedy in a way nothing else comes remotely close to?? maybe partly because they’re “democratic” platforms that also require too much involvement too get swamped by lazy memes (as opposed to text/image based platforms)

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+100 to what pol said about tiktok. Also weird Twitter is a really big comedy platform for Gen Z folks. A lot of folks also consume comedy through graphic novels + online comic creators (thinking specifically of short comics folks on Instagram).


I’m probably the youngest person here, so I’ll try to chip in.

  1. TikTok yes. Not everyone has a profile, and many consume that content via compilations. That’s also how Vine is taken in, and people have favorite Vine comps saved. Some of the songs people have set their TikToks to are pretty rad (Indila for instance).

  2. Same vein as Vine, but website-use and meme trends come and go REALLY quickly and part of my growing up was stopping trying to keep up with it. All I really remember were two dark years of all of us bullying each other on Askfm.


That is really fascinating :thinking: Do you have peers who still churn through new trends?

Also I wonder if TIkTok will go the way of Youtube. With something analogous to Youtube Red, not banning Nazis, etc.

I definitely know folks who were on Vine who are now on TikTok, who will probably move with everyone to the next big thing.

I’m honestly not sure how TikTok profits. I don’t use the actual app to consume it but I’m sure it could benefit from a paid subscription style to its top influencers.

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i’m a millennial (31), and i teach 18-22ish -year-olds at a community college… it’s an interesting spot. i follow niche things on twitter but there are definitely items i have in common with them because they’re unavoidable on that platform. i avoid fb/ig/tt so i know i’m missing a lot, but i find enough connections that way to get the gist of what’s going on.

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